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Peace and Prosperity

Peace and Prosperity

Solomon's Wisdom Part 10


Proverbs 3:1 My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart,

Proverbs 3:2 for they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace and prosperity.

Right from the get-go, Solomon is teaching us something very vital, he is telling us not to forget his teachings of God’s commands. The key to life ever after. But how does he tell us to remember, not with the brain but with the heart! Many of us are familiar with people who know God with their brain or in the secular world are book smart, but they never get a full relationship with God or true success in life without the element of putting their hearts into everything they do.

We are emotional beings, not robots. We think, act, respond, survive, and succeed with our emotions and by putting our hearts on the line, not our heads.

And when we do the above, what is our reward? Peace and prosperity.

That is powerful!

Kacey Bradley writes in The Drifter Collective; “The mind, body, and soul have a sacred connection and inner balance. When one is off, they are all off.”

The word for peace in the bible is “shalom” and the full meaning of shalom is to be safe in mind, body, and estate. In other words, a feeling of completeness or wholeness.

What do you get when you approach all you do with a calm sense of purpose, knowing you are working towards your goals and sharing a sense of peace everywhere you go?

  1. Peace of mind – with peace of mind you think clearer and make fewer mistakes.
  2. Positive energy – there are enough things in life to suck the energy out of you.
  3. Stress relief – stress is the number cause of many different illnesses and leads to making more mistakes again.
  4. Better focus – with focus you get more done and done right and in less time.
  5. Motivation – Lord knows to have the motivation to do something is challenging for many people. Without action, nothing gets accomplished.
  6. Relaxed body – we all know what stress and tension does to our neck, back, heart, and body in general. Reducing our pain goes a long way to a better life.
  7. Finally, better sleep – study after study shows that North Americans are not getting enough sleep. In fact, we are getting one hour less sleep on average than people during the ’60s. Lack of sleep negatively impacts all of the areas above.

How do we get Peace of Mind?

  1. Follow the ten commandments.
  2. Live the Golden rule.
  3. Be in the present.
  4. Get fit
  5. Don’t worry about what others are thinking, as long as what you are doing is ethical and moral, who cares.
  6. Share your feelings with someone you trust. You are not alone, you are not an island, don’t act like it.
  7. Don’t dwell on the past. You can’t change it, only learn from it.
  8. Grow a thick skin, don’t take things personally.
  9. Use lists and prioritize the contents. The key is working on the most important thing to move your career, business, and success forward.
  10. Take your time, be deliberate, never rush a decision or a plan.


  1. Pray, and never cease praying.

How do we get Positive Energy?

  1. The biggest step is to get away from negative energy-draining people!
  2. Focus on facts, not thoughts, or what you hear or read. Research the facts.
  3. Be grateful for everything, through gratitude we are opening up ourselves to more positive things.
  4. For every negative thing that you see, hear, read, or experience – come up with one positive thing that can come out of it. This juices you rather than defeats you.
  5.  Be mindful of everything you say and do. Don’t be the reason that you put a damper on someone’s day.
  6. Always speak in the positive. By saying something negative you give it a foothold and it will grow like a weed.
  7. Let go of the past! You can’t change it, you can only learn from it and improve yourself upon it.
  8. Don’t live in the future! Be present and enjoy the moment that you are in, you never know what tomorrow, the next hour, or the next minute will bring.
  9. Deep Patel of writes that you should embrace compassion and kindness. By thinking of and doing small acts of kindness you are giving yourself the gift of joy by providing another the same gift. You can do things face to face or anonymous, both can have a profound effect.
  10. Always do what is right. This will give you an amazing boost when you, only you, will know that you took the high road, the tougher road sometimes, but always the better road.


  1. Don’t hold a grudge, resentment, or anger; these are major energy zappers.

If you do what it takes, do it right, and for the right reason, your prosperity will follow.

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