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Know When to Take a Risk

Know When to Take a Risk

Moses listens to God. Moses obeys God’s word. But Moses also challenges God at critical moments.

Moses does not challenge out of petulance. Moses questions God out of passion.

The seminal moment is atop Mount Sinai when God expresses anger at the Israelites for building a golden calf. God vows to destroy the people for their blasphemy.

Moses urges God to reconsider in effect, Moses tells God to “cool it.” Moses defends the people, saying they may have sinned, but they can repent.

It took courage for Moses to take that risk. In the end, however, God agrees with him. The people are saved. The covenant is sustained.

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What do you really stand for?

What do you really stand for?


Rabbi Evan Moffic  (author, speaker, Rabbi) writes, “Moses is passionate about justice. It awakens him to empathy with his fellow Israelites. It leads him to act to defend them. It leads him to defend the helpless Midianite sisters at the well. It leaves him no choice but to accept God’s call to lead the Israelites to freedom.

Moses knows who he is. He knows what is important to him. He is not only called by God. He is also called by a vision of a world redeemed.

What motivates your leadership? What are your core values?”

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The Payoff of Persistence

The Payoff of Persistence

Rabbi Evan Moffic writes, “When Moses first confronts Pharaoh and tells him to “Let my people go,” Pharaoh laughs. He brushes Moses off. This pattern repeats several times.

Moses could easily have given up. He faced difficult odds, to begin with. Who was this lowly shepherd to challenge the Pharaoh, the most powerful ruler on earth?

But Moses persists. Behind his persistence was faith. He knew the justness of his cause. He knew, as the Chicago Blues Brothers’ later put it, that he was “on a mission from God.””

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Take a Stand

 Take a Stand

What does “taking a stand” mean?

Sounds easy, looks easy, but I think it is far from either of those. It means saying or doing something you really believe in and standing firm. Believing in it and doing something about it, is the key – words devoid of action are only empty words. There are many people out there that have opinions and sometimes extraordinarily strong opinions on everything under the sun but do precious little to support those opinions. 

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